The firm has a long and vibrant history that began in 1974 when Robert McCullough and David Andrews left Franklin Resources to found McCullough & Andrews, Inc.  Together Bob and Dave built an independent advisory company based on the values of integrity, hard work and quality service.  Frank Cappiello joined the firm in 1983 which then become McCullough, Andrews & Cappiello, Inc.

In January of 2005 the firm was restructured as McCullough & Associates LLC, an employee owned Limited Liability Company. Two years later, Leon Wiatrak became the Manager Member.  With over 40 years in the industry Leon used his knowledge and experience to steadfastly refine the McCullough strategy producing solid investment results. Leon acknowledges the importance of building an experienced and dedicated team critical to McCullough’s ongoing success.

While McCullough is best known for its skillfulness and proficiency in the equity markets, it has long served the taxable and tax-exempt fixed income needs of their clients as well.  In reality, much of what drives McCullough’s market outlook and investment decisions are determined by our view of global interest rates.

As McCullough & Associates LLC enters its fourth decade of providing expert advice to its clients, we continue to embrace the investment principles and beliefs of the founders, while adapting to the ever changing investing landscape. McCullough remains committed to building consistent dialogues with its clients by providing an ongoing perspective of markets, investment outlooks and timely reviews of performance, while continuing to educate and evolve with the growing technical demands of today's clientele.


Investment Philosophy

The market is inefficient and frequently prices companies above or below their intrinsic value. We seek to profit from this inefficiency by doing our own analysis of the financial strengths, management, competitive positions, and assessments of future earnings potential of our companies. Successful investing is predicated on buying stocks at a discount to underlying value.

Investment Philosophy 

Our Team

Our team provides our clients with the highest standard of financial and investment advice to create a roadmap for your financial portfolio based on your unique investment objectives, liquidity needs, tolerance of risk and time horizon whether you have one investment goal or an array of complex needs, we put our investment knowledge and experience to work for you.

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Each portfolio is separately managed and constructed to follow strict investment standards within the client’s goals and guidelines.  Also, as a fee based advisor our incentives are aligned with those of our client.

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