Buy Discipline

We keep our investment selection process simple and straightforward. We will add a position to our portfolio if it survives our screening process and we feel it is superior to one of our existing holdings. A key advantage of a concentrated portfolio is that only the best ideas are implemented.

Sell Discipline

As value investors we recognize two reasons to sell a position. One, deteriorating fundamentals have eroded our confidence in the business. Two, the market has fully valued the position and thus eliminated our margin of safety.  

Trade Execution

We view trade execution as a critical factor in our ability to achieve superior investment returns for our clients. Our experienced traders continuously monitor and gather information on our portfolio stocks. By closely following the daily market dynamics, our traders provide valuable information to the portfolio management team such as liquidity characteristics, market conditions and individual stock news. This information exchange continues through the execution phase of the investment process to ensure an optimal and effective trading strategy.

Portfolio Construction

All portfolios are individually constructed and invested to meet the specific objectives of each client including tax considerations, cash flow needs and individual risk profiles. Our portfolio is concentrated in roughly 20 businesses which encompass only our best investment ideas. We seek to enhance the long-term purchasing power of both principal and income. Each portfolio is managed on a team basis, consisting of portfolio managers, research analysts, and traders. 


Investment Philosophy

The market is inefficient and frequently prices companies above or below their intrinsic value. We seek to profit from this inefficiency by doing our won analysis of the financial strengths, management, competitive positions, and assessments of future earnings potential of our companies. Successful investing is predicated on buying stocks at a discount to underlying value.

Investment Philosophy 

Our Team

Our team provides our clients with the highest standard of financial and investment advice to create a roadmap for your financial portfolio based on your unique investment objectives, liquidity needs, tolerance of risk and time horizon Whether you have one investment goal or an array of complex needs, we put our investment knowledge and experience to work for you.

Our Team 


Each portfolio is separately managed and constructed to follow strict investment standards within the client’s goals and guidelines.  Also, as a fee based advisor our incentives are aligned with those of our client. 

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